Week 6

1-0 in Week 6 Driving to DC tomorrow in a rental car and I still haven’t packed. Let’s not waste time. Andrew Luck is good, J.J. Watt is REALLY good, T. Y. Hilton has his moments (and his real initials aren’t T. Y., did you know that?) Big Brown Anyone billing tomorrow’s contest between the…


The Buddy System

Perhaps the Jets have a plan, but to bungle away the most winnable AFC East in a decade shouldn’t have been a part of it. Colts at Texans, too.


Week 4

Pretty sure Kirk Cousins wouldn’t have been hyped up like that if he were facing any other QB with a ring in that game.

…Oh, and Week 4 picks…

There was a time when Bill Simmons was one of us.

Billing To Your Ego

With the suspension of Bill Simmons and the inevitable intrusion of my skin by Keith Olbermann happening yesterday, it’s time I made a real point about where this whole media coverage thing is headed.