Week 4

Pretty sure Kirk Cousins wouldn’t have been hyped up like that if he were facing any other QB with a ring in that game.

…Oh, and Week 4 picks…

There was a time when Bill Simmons was one of us.

Billing To Your Ego

With the suspension of Bill Simmons and the inevitable intrusion of my skin by Keith Olbermann happening yesterday, it’s time I made a real point about where this whole media coverage thing is headed.


Week 3 MNF

“I like to think I follow the Giants and NFL more closely than most people I know, and I can’t for the life of me figure out who this happy old man the Giants let on the sidelines for yesterday’s game. I presume they made him an honorary co-captain or something. It must have been the greatest day of his life. Hopefully they’ll keep him around as a good luck charm.”


Thursday Night Football Week 3

8-8 in Week 1 Breather in week 2. Bucs +5.5 at Falcons – Much tougher game to predict than you would think. The putrid nature of Tampa’s offense thus far, which has gone completely contradictory to what a good coach with a veteran game-managing QB should do, would make you think this was a slam dunk…

Roger Goodell

I’m Boycotting Week 2

Player conduct policy has served as an inadequate adjunct to due process for long enough. It’s time the NFL threw its gauntlet down and definitively kicked these miscreants out for good to put the ball in the player and NFLPA’s court, where it belongs.