Week 2 MNF

An A-Town Masterpiece

2 Weeks. 2 Classics. Not to be outdone by Romo picking up exactly where Michael Boley left him off, Matt Ryan survived the beating of a lifetime and showed the country that an opportunistic defense and a solid run game between the tackles can give the Dream Team a rude awakening. How’s that for hyperbole? My biggest concern with the Falcons is that their passing game and running game look like they’re from two different teams. They don’t set each other up. Granted, Trent Cole’s dominant penetration off the edge wasn’t giving Ryan time for routes to develop, but I felt the protection could have been shifted to his side to set up runs that negated Cole’s speed by running at him and setting up play action off of it. Of course, who am I to blow against the wind when Ryan threw for four TDs. It still feels like A-town got away with one, didn’t they?

Buffalo Soldiers

Granted, it was a jetlagged Raider team that had them dead to rights with a 21-3 halftime lead, but how ’bout them BILLS, BABY? Is there a team in the league besides the Jets that they don’t look like they can move the ball on? They got handicapped by Terrence McGee’s absence, so if their secondary is healthy (Byrd, McGee, and McKelvin are all legit cover guys) they can aim to jump out on teams through the air and force mistakes on catchup. I thought the Bills would play people tough like they did last year, but now they look like they can blow teams out on the right day. They had guts, and now they have game.

Tony Romo’s Ribs

Total tankjob by the 49ers yesterday. Biting on a play fake like a pillow in prison, Romo found reality star Jessie Holley literally running a fly pattern down the slot like it’s a video game for 77 yards. Absolutely unacceptable. You had them in their end of the field. There was no reason to sell out when there’s only one open area of the field that loses the game for you. Stanford didn’t rub off on Jim Harbaugh.

Low Voltage

Philip Rivers is a gag artist. How do you get forced into mistakes like that with a hall of fame tight end at your disposal? They’re getting handed the division of a soft schedule, but I don’t want to hear anyone saying they’re good anymore. They’re not. The Pats are putting 1500lbs of meat on the line of scrimmage and forcing you to go toe to toe with Brady through the air. If you can’t hang, you lose. Belichickks genius strikes again. Deal with it.


12-3 Sunday, 22-9 overall. hey Hey HEY!

Rams at Giants ~ Until I see the Giants actuall give the ball to their championship backfield, I’m not picking them anymore. They do it to themselves, they’ve BEEN doing it to themselves, and they’re GOING to keep doing it to themselves until someone else calls the plays. The blueprint on the Giants is out: show up, stand back, and let them think they can run quick out plays and toss plays with some of the slowest skill position players in the sport. Spags does nothing special and takes the victory that’s handed to him by Kevin Gilbride. Rams 21, Giants 14.


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