Week 6

7-6 last week. 49-28 for the year. Totally made an SPTKF5 mistake on Monday and went against my gut. Detroit’s for real.


&%#%ing GET HIM!!

Still not over it.

I know…

…but, fuck it.

That game was brutal to watch and attend. I was really trying to keep myself from complaining because I’m still fortunate enough to be able to afford going to an NFL game annually, but for god’s sake, the weather in this area has gotten so out of control that I got the worst sunburn I’ve had in the last 5 years (and I have sunburn stories that warrant their own website) standing out in the 85-degree sun with no wind or shade AT THE FREAKING MEADOWLANDS IN THE SECOND WEEK OF OCTOBER. The Meadowlands and Lambeau are the only two places in the NFL landscape you should never get sunburned. Obviously, this was my first real warm weather game, and I’d go to 100 sub-zero ones before I go to another. The helmets glared, the sun wouldn’t budge, the O-line wouldn’t budge, Coughlin glared, and we all went home disappointed. Sadly, the Giants kept in that game, often unjustifiably so, such that there was no incentive to take a break from the action mentally. They were right there the whoooole time, and in the end were 5 yards away from putting another Eli comeback in the annals when BOOM, they run a play that got tipped up and intercepted in Super Bowl XLII by an inexperienced receiver and… it got… tipped up and intercepted by an inexperienced receiver… oh…

…but that’s really the tip of the iceberg. The real problem last week was that the line of scrimmage that 90% of the last 6 seasons has belonged to the Giants disappeared. I think part of it was the heat, especially for their D-Line. Tollefson was visibly jogging on some plays, and the no huddle and quick outs Seattle used countered our strengths nicely. The injuries on the O-line finally added up. No Snee. No Baas. No progress. Baas comes back this week, but Snee is out, and he’s the best O-lineman they have. I hate to say it, but this situation looks like it’s going to get worse before it gets better. I think alot of these guys will look at the turning points of this game, see the bye week, see .500 not looking too bad, see not having to travel again until November, and pack it up hoping to start over against a weak Miami team two weeks from now. I thought a 3 game homestand with a bye week would be great preparation for the second half, but where the Giants stand now, this looks like it could be the worst thing that could happen to them. Just pray Bradshaw doesn’t get hurt from being overloaded. Bills 31, Giants 20.

49ers at Lions – Who’d have thought THIS was going to be a top flight matchup in Week 6, eh? I think we established that the Lions will at least beat a low-end established contender at home, and don’t see a reason why they don’t ice this one. The Niners front seven has been outSTANDING in the first month of the season, and are one squeeze on the Cowboys’ throat from being near the top of the power polls. The problem? Alex Smith. At some point, Alex Smith is going to have to become unchained from the radiator and start making plays to keep up with the vertical prowess of Stafford’s toys. It’s not going to match up, and Detroit’s D-line is not going to let Frank Gore play for long. Bad matchup for the Niners. Lions 30, 49ers 17. Pick six for the Lions in this one.

Texans at Ravens – I’m tired of the Texans. I know this is being billed as a big matchup because of the potential for big offense on both sides, but if Ray-Ray and the boys aren’t a shell of their former selves, they see the limping gazelle in the nature video Matt Schaub has become and drag him back to the litter. They should be teeing off: anything less than 6 men coming after Schaub on a pass play would be unacceptable in my eyes. There’s no reason to hold back. Their backs are hurt, their receivers are hurt, and you have Haloti Ngata to eat up 2/3 of their O-line’s attention by himself. Blow his ass up. If the Texans have over 200 yards of total offense in this game, you should feel disappointed. Ravens 28, Texans 10.

Eagles at Redskins – Like I said (correctly) last week (tee hee), last week was a terrible game for the Eagles to try to turn it around. Nobody likes playing in Buffalo, the Bills can compete with you through the air, have a workmanlike run game to complement going to the air too much, and can cover an errant Mike Vick throw. THIS game on the other hand, plays right into the Eagles’ desperate hands. LeSean McCoy is an AWFUL matchup for 3-4 linemen, and any insecurity you think Mike would have in trying to turn this around will be quelled by the fact that in this game last year he scored 6 touchdowns and inspired the best radio rant I’ve ever heard. The only way you think the Redskins verifiably win this game is if you think the Redskins are disciplined enough to stay in their good habits after a bye week. Yea. Eagles 24, Redskins 20. 

Panthers at Falcons – Time to ball up, dirty birds. You’re not really a 2-3 football team. You’re going to Julio Jones waaay too much early in the year (hey, he looks great, but he’s a rookie). Go to Roddy. Go to Mikey. Let your defense set the tempo, control the line of scrimmage, use your size on the outside and your hall-of-fame security blanket over the middle. You can rebuild this. You have the technology….and for god’s sake if you lose to Cam Newton at home everything is up for discussion apart from your QB. Falcons 27, Panthers 21.

Saints at Buccaneers – The Buccaneers have scored 87 points in 5 games. That’s just not going to stand up against New Orleans. Let’s be real here. The Buccaneers are not as good as everyone thinks they are. The only team in the NFL that scores like they do and is doing well? The Washington Redskins. Saints 37, Bucs 17.

Browns at Raiders – Baaaaad week for the Browns to be here. I had them winning this game pre-season but now that Al Davis has died, any team coming into that building from across the country

Cowboys at Patriots – Tempting upset to take, right? Explosive receivers against a bad defense by a quarterback who needs this game badly both for the standings and the PR? No. The days of the Cowboys teetering for 3 weeks out of the month and curbstomping an unsuspecting team in the fourth are over. These Cowboys are who they are. They have NOTHING at safety, which against Tom Brady is the football equivalent of bringing a knife to a gunfight. Belichick is going to take away DeMarcus Ware and Jason Witten and let Tony Romo figure out the rest. Think of it this way. Miles Austin had one of his best games at San Fran in Week 2 and they had to CRAWL to get that game. What do you think is happening here? Patriots 38, Cowboys 20. 

Other Winners

Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Green Bay, Chicago


This is the worst tiewatch week we’ve had in a while.

Steve is once again going prime time and taking MIN-CHI.

I’m sticking with IND-CIN. It’s the only viable option.


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