A Contender Is Born

Jason Campbell was never getting you to the Super Bowl. Carson Palmer at his best can. That alone justifies the trade.

I don’t want to hear it.

Jason Campbell wasn’t getting you to the Super Bowl. Kyle Boller wasn’t getting you to the laundromat. You’re not bad enough to get Andrew Luck, and you might even get 10 wins this year AS CONSTRUCTED.

How do you NOT roll the dice?

In the distant, distant far away past of 2005 and 2006, Carson Palmer was a top 5 quarterback projected to take a team to the promised land. Remember, 2006 was AFTER the knee. I can’t believe how many people think this is a preposterous move. McNabb has been traded twice in the past two seasons and he’s not getting the criticism this is. Nonsense. Firstly, the Raiders are the 2nd best running team in the league. Darren McFadden is as good as any back in the sport. He’d still be the primary weapon. Carson wouldn’t have to turn the world upside down, and could ease his way into his potential with the same amount of success as Kyle Boller would with his potential immediately maxed out. Carson Palmer is talented, experienced, and best of all, motivated and extremely pissed off at the organization that added douchebags to his roster for years instead of fleecing them out and building around him. He will positively fit right into that locker room. Believe it!

Secondly, this team beat the Chargers twice last season with a far worse roster. Do you honestly think the Chargers can’t get stomped on the right day? Do you think the Raiders are WORSE off in this putrid division now that they have a QB that can play with Philip Rivers for at least a half, if not the whole game on a good day? Of course not! I don’t know how more teams aren’t doing this. Everyone knows where the bad divisions are, why WOULDN’T the risky stunts work here? Michael Lombardi said that this trade wouldn’t have been made if Campbell were healthy. Yeah. Duh. Continuity is the most important thing. Butchaknowwut, Mikey? Continuity is gone, and it ain’t comin’ back. In a quarterback’s league, teams should be digging and searching for that guy. The Tebow trade makes sense for this reason. You didn’t know if Tebow was good. You didn’t know if Newton was good. It doesn’t matter. You take the risk for that reason. If you find the guy, the whole world changes for your team. Just ask the teams that DO have the guy.

Thirdly, this is NOT a timing offense. This is the Al Davis vertical game. These receivers can FLY, the tight end is proven, the backs can catch the ball, and they have a legit goal line threat. This will take less time to assimilate into than you think. Jason Campbell wasn’t exactly a timing beast, was he? He threw it up, and his guys made plays. Not complicated. Not misdirecting. We take what we want because we can. Is Carson Palmer going to come in right away and throw 400 yards? No, but down the road you might need him to, and honestly, one 400 yard performance in December that Jason Campbell wasn’t going to give you might get you into the playoffs on its own. Is two 1st rounders too much? When theoretically you would use one of them on a QB who isn’t proven and is a developmental project as a bridge to being a contender, you really only lost one…

…and boy, if this pans out, it’s ALLLLL worth it…

I genuinely think just about any assessment of Carson Palmer’s dropoff is invalid. You can’t really tell me he sucks. He played for the Bengals, one of the worst organizations in professional sports under a defensive head coach and amongst dozens of hooligans. The Bengals never cared if Carson was surrounded by the right guys, or guys who care about winning. Granted, the Raiders are no angels in this department, but I think they’ve been better in the past two years than they were in the previous seven, and the passing of Al Davis sets this move up nicely. He’s going to be heading into a situation where everyone’s like-minded and positively reinforced with a winning record and a chance to steal this division over a team they swept last year. If Carson is smart, he’ll blend in, not be too rah-rah to start, and quietly lead. If he quietly lets forth his pocket ability and shows the team he can be the game manager to get McFadden going as well as a 2-minute maestro, this team will rally around him almost instantly. He got a bad rap in Cincy, and yes, part of it was his fault, but I think it’s really unfair to say Carson Palmer is washed-up. We haven’t even put him in the dryer.


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