This Week In Child-Like Behavior (both hilarious and reprehensible)

Ok maybe not all of it, but there was just an inordinate amount of sideline activity this week.

You all know about this nonsense. How Harbaugh didn’t get fined for showing Schwartz up is beyond belief. If he did that to any other grown man in just about any situation, a fight would break out. I used to have a friend that HATED the backslap to the point where someone would do it once in a while innocuously to him and I would facepalm like “ooooh boy, here we go.”. You just don’t do that to another man. It’s bad enough that 90% of us aren’t even biologically necessary. Just let us have our jobs and our pride… and don’t hit us.

Think you’re getting away from being newsworthy with a season-saving win over a division rival in their house, eh Andy Reid? Not this week. LeSean McCoy does his best Reggie Bush impersonation (including an uncanny rendition of going out of bounds while trying to kill the clock. Luckily a Redskin struck him down to the ground on his way to the sideline). Getting up after succeeding, LeSean lovetaps Reid right in his center of gravity and remarkably was able to pull his hand back out. That might be the last fat joke you ever read in this blog.

Then there’s the Rex Ryan/Norv Turner thing. I don’t know what’s worse: Rex talking shit off a 3-game losing streak AT ALL, or Norv Turner actually bowing down to Rex’s level. Every time you think Norv isn’t stupid and has finally figured this loaded roster out, he proves exactly how stupid he really is. The man just can’t lead. He can draw up plays, he can coach up a QB, but he’s just not the total package, and it shows up in a different part of his team every year.

Luckily, I left the blog edit open during my call shift long enough for this idiocy to pop up and top it all off. I still don’t know what to make of this. Francesa’s clearly goading him, but it doesn’t seem malicious. I feel like if Revis said “yeah that’s what Brandon Marshall gets for fake-stumbling into me”…or even better “It’s a ‘borderline’ call” :D, it all blows over and everyone gets some nice PR for it. As Woody Allen demonstrated with the movie of the same title, we are all small time crooks, and we love to see someone grin who got away with one. Honestly, Brandon Marshall is a bum, and if you feel like you have to defend yourself against what he does, you’re genuinely insecure. That being said, I don’t know if Mike had to push it as much as he did. I know Revis brought it back to that play, but Mike could have been the bigger, older, wiser, more poised man (isn’t he?) and directed the interview elsewhere. This was avoidable.


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