Week 7 MNF

9-3 yesterday, 68-34 for the season. Noyce.

Plax Trick

25 total yards. With authority.

Funniest thing about Plax’s 3TD, 25-total-yard renaissance against the Chargers yesterday? He should have had 5. Antoine Cason looked positively LOST on Sunday, and once Mark Sanchez realized it’s a BACK shoulder fade and not a FRONT shoulder interception he was supposed to be throwing, the touchdowns just kept coming. Buried under Plax’s back page fanfare is a resurgence of Shonn Greene, who looked at some nice memories of the Chargers front seven and ground his way to 100 yards. The Jets’ season is all about Brian Schottenheimer. He has the weapons, both proven and developmental, to build a comprehensive offense. He has Plax’s safe back shoulder fades, Santonio’s YACability, Shonn Greene’s power, LT’s versatility, Dustin Keller’s athleticism, and Jeremy Kerley’s quickness to do anything he wants with the ball. He and Sanchez MUST put this thing together such that one play sets up the next and the looks get diversified. You can’t hide your quarterback this year, and frankly, I don’t think the Jets have to.

“Oh For Fuck’s Sake, Painter….”

Curtis Painter’s 4th quarter pick six put my fantasy team 8 points further in the hole than they should have been going into tonight. I swear to christ, if an interception in a 55-7 game single-handedly sinks my fantasy season, I’m going to focus my 30th birthday party on a group outing where we find where he lives, shove an umbrella down his throat and open it. You literally, LITERALLY ARE WATCHING A DEFENSIVE BACK RETRACT BACK TO DEEP MIDDLE TO SHOW YOU COVER FOUR, and what do you do? YOU THROW IT DEEP MIDDLE! All you had to do to keep my team alive was gain some freaking yards, and they were literally inviting you to dink and dunk into oblivion. Who do you think you are?

Monday Night Football

Ravens at Jaguars – and thusly a game I had absolutely no intention of watching becomes the turning point of my $150 investment a short 7 weeks ago (thanks, Rob.). I need 32 points from Ray Rice, Anquan Boldin and Billy Cundiff while fending off my opponent’s strategy of Ricky Williams on the goal line (not realizing Ray Rice put on 10lbs. this offseason to take goal line carries). I used to only need 24 points, now I’m Painted into a corner needing 32. Here goes nothing. Ravens 83, Jaguars 3. Let’s get it done.


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