Week 8 Retroactive MNF/Recap

7-6 over the weekend. Meh. I had it coming.

That Was The Rivers, This Is The Sea

Philip Rivers is a gag artist exhibit #415: That last drive down the field in regulation to win the game, I knew ol’ Phil had one more turnover left in him. What I didn’t know is that he was going to save it for a running play. The smaller problem is Rivers himself, who has played absolutely dreadful this year, and had the worst day ever yesterday, in addition to arguably choking at least 3 games away this year. The bigger problem is AJ Smith, who thought it would be a good idea to simply add size to every single skill position until it works. Well, it hasn’t. Why? The Chargers aren’t a running team. You can be a big nasty team like the Raiders if you instill the fear of the huge receivers blocking and the running back running all over you, then play action fake into the rest of your playbook. The Chargers can’t do that, so they’re left with a bunch of big guys that can’t go deep. When you can’t go deep, don’t have Antonio Gates at 100%, and can’t rely 100% on the run game, should we really be saying the Chargers are any good?

On the other hand, maybe we all shat on the Chiefs a smidge early. They compensated for the loss of Jamaal Charles wonderfully, mixing up backs with multiple tackling challenges and skill sets to keep defenses off balance. I also loooove Jonathan Baldwin. He’s got the size to post you up and a NASTY attitude to boot, kinda like Brandon Marshall used to be before all his issues came out. This is the type of offense that can gel together as the season goes along because their QB can hold all the pieces together. They have Denver and Miami at home in the next 2 weeks. The division has some pre-emptive catching up to do to Kansas City. Who knew?

A Tip of the Hat

To the Philadelphia Eagles for brtually exposing Dallas’ defense like I’ve been begging the league to all season long. They never resolved their safety situation from last year and brought in a defensive coordinator that relies on shut down corners to lock up the outside and free up the other 9 defenders for unorthodox blitz packages… Terrence Newman and Mike Jenkins aren’t doing that for ya. Sorry. They’re doing well against the run, but who’s really running it these days?

But this isn’t about the game. That’s been decided. This is about the delicious serving of asspain from the Eagle fans dedicated enough to stay through the 4th quarter (all of them). The Bud-dy-Ry-an chants equally celebrating the man’s presence at the game while goading the failed planning of his son capped a curbstomping reminiscent of the season finale a few years back where the Eagles took a Cowboys team hopeful of eeking out a win and getting to the playoffs and buried them so deep they’re still picking pieces of Marion Barber’s career out of the grass. Well done.



Last we saw of TJ Houshmandzadeh he was dropping a 4th down pass in a playoff game for the Ravens after complaining about not getting the ball enough. Don’t worry, his QB from that day isn’t doing too well either. What I DO know about this move is that it does two things:

1) It gives me my first hesitation post about the Carson Palmer trade. I liked the trade because it finally got him out of that environment full of goons, and the first roster move they make after the trade is the re-signing of one of those said goons. Granted, he’s the least harmful of the goons, and actually had a 112-catch season in 2007 overshadowed by Wes Welker’s 112-catch season for the 16-0 Patriots, but he was a dick on the Ravens and an outright failure in Seattle. I don’t like this.

2) Carson Palmer LOVES him and if you thought how much he threw to Terrell Owens when the Bengals signed him was jarring, wait till you see this. If you’re in a PPR league, get him, then Google for a points-per-target league, join it, and get him there.

Not liking it. This is supposed to be a new beginning.


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