Week 15

134-76 overall


Another Year

Another year, another heartbreak for Redskins fans. The NFL’s sleeping giant fanbase continues to endure the worst possible thing that could happen to a sports franchise: bad ownership. The Redskins are a much better team than they appear on paper, and even weirder, they’re a much better team than they look on TV. They’re a back away from being a complete offense, and they already have a half-competent defense that a single good draft could augment nicely. The John Beck thing just killed them, and as the Redskins have done for the past decade, they thought they were taking one step forward, and instead took two steps back. Alas, with LaRon Landry and Fred Davis out, the Giants receivers will enjoy man to man on the outside all game, let JPP do his thing and who knows, Antrel Rolle might even get a takeaway. Giants 28, Redskins 17. 

Buc Nasty

The Cowboys have lost a total of 9 games since Jason Garrett took over in the middle of last season. They held 4th quarter leads in 8 of those games. That perceived hope is the ONLY thing that even makes tonight’s Cowboys-Buccaneers game look competitive. Otherwise, it’s a blowout on paper. The Cowboys know stopping LeGarrette Blount is the way out of this one on top tonight. The Bucs were looking at a different #27 last week blowing through that front seven and setting up plays down field. I think because of how much the collapses have become the MO of this team, we forget that they have FOUR playmakers at receivers and a balanced back in Felix Jones. However, the stats have shown again and again just how much Felix tapers off after those first 10 carries. Tonight lies on Romo’s shoulders. If the Bucs get LeGarrette going and Romo makes mistakes, they have a prayer. Too many moving parts. Cowboys 31, Bucs 21. 

Rex Ryan in Lincoln Financial Field

Or as I like to call it, comedy gold. The chants in this one are going to be amazing. There’s a game, too, but c’mon. Lock Revis up on Jackson, Cromartie on Maclin, keep the passes covered and dare Vick to run this one home. He won’t, and likely he can’t. Vick doesn’t finish this game, McCoy does his usual, and Plaxico gets abusive in the redzone like he used to. Jets 30, Eagles 24. 

Charging Back

Another year, another December where the Chargers get all the help they need to keep this farce of a regime they have afloat, no? Nope. Time for Baltimore to show us they’re the team to beat in the AFC. I always knew they had the talent, I just didn’t buy into it clicking on offense. If Flacco is any measure of a leader and if the Ravens are a Super Bowl contender, they look at this December game and pound the shit out of Rivers and close the door. December is for finishers, and the Ravens better show me something if they want my playoff love. Ravens 27, Chargers 24.

Tebow v. Brady

In 2009, Kyle Orton and the Denver Broncos took an overtime upset from Brady and Belichick as student Josh McCockgargler McDaniels validated his head coaching hire. Like fellow petulant douchebag spunky young head coach Todd Haley, McDaniels got the axe the following season. My point? If the Broncos can beat Tom Brady in the playoffs with Jake Plummer behind center, and if they can beat them in overtime with Kyle Orton, why can’t they beat them now with a better defense and better head coach than they had the last time? Bill  Belichick, that’s why! He’s going to love breaking this down. This is the kind of game where he looks back to his Navy days and develops a scheme even Tebow hasn’t seen against the option. Frankly, it doesn’t even have to be that good with the way Brady’s been playing the last month. Patriots 34, Broncos 20.

Beast Mode v. Retreat Mode

The Bears are falling apart right after I said they were on contenders on SPTKF cue. I just don’t see how they solve their problems on offense in one week, nor do I see them focused after the Sam Hurd thing. Pete Carroll has had a habit of games being gift wrapped for him since he took over. Chalk another one up. Seahawks 23, Bears 13. 


Doesn’t like 3% of you think that the Arrowhead crowd, coaching change, Kyle Orton starting, KC’s good corners and some December cold could conspire to make this a game? I don’t think this is the game (the Giant game was the game, but they’re even winning games they’re losing.), but don’t be flabbergasted if this one is closer than it looks like it’s going to be. KC will fall down offensively in the 2nd half, but that defense is legit. Packers 41, Chiefs 21. 


The two most unstable and undisciplined teams in the league will get a crack at each other in Oakland, where both need a win to stay alive in the playoff hunt. Carson Palmer’s highs this season are definitely auspicious for next season. You can get on him about the 4INTs in Green Bay, but a perfect game from Palmer wasn’t winning that one either. I think the Raiders get back on track this week. Detroit’s defense is porous if you keep an extra guy in to block their pass rush, and Stafford hasn’t played outside in over a month. If the Raiders get their run game going and capitalize on the Lions’ need to get used to playing outside, they’ll steal this one and tail Tebow through December. Raiders 33, Lions 30. 

Other Winners

Arizona, Buffalo, Tennessee, Houston, New Orleans, Cincinnati.


I’m entirely too hungover to go find Steve and ask him, so I’m going to take DET-OAK for myself, and TEN-IND for Steve.


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