Tony Romo went platinum Monday night.

Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony, Tony… when is it going to end?

Oh, it’s not Tony?

Take the 2-3 games he inexplicably throws away each year that somehow get buried underneath his statistical prowess and add them to the win total and playoff runs of these Cowboy teams. Yeah. It’s Tony.

2 picks against a Bears defense that is dying to turn you over is one thing. FIVE picks at HOME is another. At HOME? For years, there have been some mitigating factors to simply shouldering all the blame on that fragile little clavicle of his. First it was Terrell Owens, then Miles Austin and Dez Bryant showed up. I mean, can you have two more physically imposing receivers in this league apart from Roddy White and Julio Jones? You have a perennial Pro-Bowler at tight end. You’ve been in the same offense SINCE 2006 and you STILL are having hot read problems like your first pick six?

It IS Tony, and you know what? Even when it’s Dez (who may very well be dumb as a rock), it’s Tony. Eli wouldn’t have stood for this. He’d have spent the extra time in the meeting room with him to get it right. He’d have gone away from him to another receiver if he refused to step up. He’d have done what it takes. Tony is hoping it works out with the time and the people that he has around him without putting in the extra effort to put himself over the top. Look at what the top guys in this league do on a weekly basis to become who they are. Tony hasn’t done that, and at age 32, Tony ain’t reinventing his fat and happy wheel anytime soon. The window has closed, and it’s been closed for three years. It’s over.

Deal With It

If you thought Mitt Romney won tonight’s debate, you haven’t won an argument in years. The excessive hand-motions, jock-riding of his opponent, frequent immature interruptions, contradictions and the moments he hoped you weren’t paying full attention long enough to hear him say “create jobs” while Obama wisely chose not to stoop to his level of banter when he has the experiential, educational, social, and charismatic advantage defined this debate. Anyone with half a brain giving half a fuck in this country (really all you need to get by) knows this country was paid for in full decades ago, and politicians are simply in place to give you an illusion of choice while the corporations continue to widen the gap between the poor and the rich to make their money more valuable. In the immortal words of Group X: “I got it. You don’t”.

That being said, a defunct mirage of a political machine still opens the way for the very real problems nobody feels like solving to at least be talked about… for a while, and if you think privatizing more is going to fix ANYTHING in this country, you simply haven’t been paying attention. All you need to do is go back and look at how bad inflation got under Reaganomics and how the middle class virtually evaporated under Walker Texas Retard. Heck, hip-hop would have never started in the South Bronx if it weren’t made such a shithole by these policies. Big government might be inefficient at its worst, but fooling people into thinking doing nothing is a good idea small government is downright criminal at its worst. The purpose of government is the same as the purpose of the chair your ass is sitting in right now: to justify its existence enough that you’re better with it than without it. Money never trickles down. You wouldn’t let it trickle past you, and neither would I. We are in the financially and politically unsustainable state we’re in because of unchecked greed and because of relationships between the business and political world that are outright unfair to the rest of us, and its the only reason socialist ideas even look like good ideas to Americans right now. It’s because it’s that bad, and doing more the of the same will make it worse. Protect the middle class, check and balance greed, or all those Marxist straw men you righties have created may actually come to life.

Thursday Night Football

Cardinals at Rams – The 4-0 Cardinals were deemed by many to be the worst team in football coming into the season, largely because they had two non-viable quarterbacks. That distracted alot of attention away, including my own, from a team that I predicted to go 10-6 the year before. The point? The talent is there in Arizona, and has been for some time on the defensive side of the ball. Their offense, however, is not too much better than advertised, even with Kevin Kolb doing as well as his contract would suggest. They need playmakers for 60 minutes, and unfortunately on offense, they only have one. I think the Cardinals will look very ordinary at home, and the Rams don’t have one guy for Patrick Peterson to lock up on and take away. Arizona looks very ordinary Thursday night on a tough divisional road game. Rams 19, Cardinals 13.


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