Week 9 MNF

9-3 this week so far, night game pending



Instead of firing the replacement refs outright, they should have been outfitted in boxing referee attire and sent in to automatically end any game where Isaac Redman gains 100 yards. The dirty little secret on the Giants is out: run up the middle, especially with Blackburn gone. Herzlich looked absolutely lost in coverage today, and the feel-good story about him making the league has left a fog over his very real physical limitations in space. Story’s over. Get him off the team. There were playcalling and officiating controversies afoot, but the real question I need answered is how an offensive line that literally can’t move dictated the pace in your building. Get back to me when you have that answer, or you’re not winning a playoff game.

Luck Would Have It

Positively sensational performance by the future of the NFL today. The NFL’s other dirty little secret is just how good the Colts might get by season’s end if they hang around in this thing. The AFC is literally the Pats, Texans, Ravens, and a 9-team stalemate. Tell me who the Colts can’t beat on the right day when their pass rush is clicking and Luck is seeing things like he should? In fact, it was actually a pleasant surprise to see two teams that were largely written off before the season play their tails off and utilize their depth charts with the efficiency that the Dolphins and Colts did today. Kudos to Philbin and Arians for bringing it when it mattered. There are alot of teams with more talent that could use this film in their inbox.


Hey Bob. See those guys in blue trying to kill you? Ok, now look down. Those are your legs. You use them to roll out on broken plays and make something happen. If I ever see Robert Griffin III stand that still in the pocket that many times in a game I absolutely need at home ever again, I would bench him. I know he’s a rookie and these are growing pains he has to go through, but if you want to have long enough of a career to experience that you get the hell out of the way and check down. NO quarterback, regardless of how unorthodox their playing style may be, should be taking licks like that if they’re seeing the field like they should. The Redskins are a bit of a lost cause this year given the injuries on defense and the growing pains on offense, but the potential is definitely sublimating onto television in small doses. Keep hope alive, and move!

Monday Night Football

Eagles at Saints – The coach nobody wants against the coach nobody asked for. Rumor has it that Andy Reid is dying to bench Vick, but knows he will lose the locker room if he does. He knows his exit is near, and will simply placate the contractually-obligated majority so he can leave in peace and find a coaching job he can take seriously. The Saints can use a game like this to re-establish their running game, as they have the depth and the matchup they like at home. The Eagles are one of the few teams with the collective speed to match the Saints on the fast track, so I think Joe Vitt dials it down and wears out a visiting team that doesn’t care enough to play the run to begin with. Saints 27, Eagles 23. Not the barnburner you might think this’ll be.


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