Week 8 Monday Night Football

8-3 Sunday, 9-3 for the week, 72-47 overall.

You loved it. Admit it.
You loved it. Admit it.

Lion’s Share

Lions-Cowboys never goes as planned, does it? This is the second time the Cowboys have blown a double-digit 4th quarter lead on the road this season, and you can’t blame Romo for either of them. Sure, Dez Bryant threw his temper tantrums on the sideline, which even Peyton Manning has done in the past (and Deion was right: you can’t love that passion on the field and hate it on the sidelines), but to me, this is all about how antiquated the basic Cover 2 scheme has become. Even average quarterbacks today are not afraid to throw seams and go routes to test the outer edges of its shell, particularly when the corners play the coverage wrong, and the targets are all 6-5 and taller as they are on the Lions.

durhamThe play Cowboys fans should be kicking over their TVs for was the wonderful 40-yard pass to Kris Durham. While this is an extraordinarily accurate pass, it was made much easier than it had to be by poor defensive back play. Kris Durham is one of the slowest receivers in the NFL, using his size and power to get most of his production. He should not be open on a go route in a 2-minute drill with the safeties shaded back to prevent big throws just like this one. In fact, Durham is way more open than he looks.

So how does it happen? Receivers are taught, especially the slower ones, to “hold the line”, meaning as they run their route upfield, don’t tip your hand or get too far to the sideline that the defender can use the sideline to pin you and prevent you from making a catch. Scandrick played Durham so poorly on this drive that HE HIMSELF got pinned between Durham and the sideline, opening a veritable CANYON of a passing lane before the deep safety could get there. The fact that the pass was so accurate enabled Durham to catch it in stride and get out of bounds to stop the clock. The rest is history. If the pass is less accurate, and Durham has to jump up to get it, he may very well never have made it out of bounds and the game essentially would have been over.

In fact, the day really belonged to receivers. Marvin Jones’ 4 TDs, Dez Bryant’s catch of the year candidate and 2 TDs, Calvin Johnson’s 329 yards, Jordy Nelson’s 2 spectacular TD catches, Harry Douglas’ 12 catch 121 yard day, and Kenny Stills’ 2 TDs highlighted a day dominated by pass catchers.

A Bird In The Hand

tarver1Perhaps it was just a matter of time before one of these gratuitous defenseless player calls got the hand gesture it deserved. Raiders defensive coordinator Robert Tarver delivered this friendly response to a pretty weak defenseless player hit call against Mike Jenkins in the Raiders/Steelers game. The league will always err on the side of calling more of these than necessary, but it’s gotten to the point where receivers can really sell the hit and attempt to draw the flag. You don’t want a league of actors at the receiver position where great catches should be made, Rog. This needs to be looked into during the offseason, and perhaps even be made reviewable.

Full Nelson

JordyJust checking, while we’re on the subject of big receiving days, but are we sure Jordy Nelson isn’t a top 5 receiver in the NFL? Like, he’s really not as good as Dez Bryant or AJ Green right now? I don’t see it. I don’t see a single catch he can’t make. It can’t be an underestimation thing by this point in his career, as Greg Jennings once suggested was based on his race. I understand Rodgers is throwing him some wonderful balls, but he still has to catch them and get his feet down, and I’m not sure anyone is a better overall receiver in every facet of the game like Nelson is.

Christian Ponder Is Fucking Awful

christian-ponderI’m not going to get creative here, the downside to watching Adrian Peterson for most of the year while you’re doing Fantasy is having 3 hours of Christian Ponder’s pathetic excuse for quarterbacking shoved down your throat on a weekly basis. My god, My God, MY GOD he is fucking awful. For a guy with no NFL arm strength to begin with, you would THINK he’d willingly and thankfully check down to the greatest running back of our generation, a Pro Bowl tight end, or the not-so-bad-at-all Toby Gerhart. How many unnecessary sacks did he take Sunday night, like six? Ponder also had multiple plays where they demonstrated that his primary read was wide open and he failed to recognize them. He’s done. I’d rather watch Freeman chuck the ball deep 50 times. At least it’s an attempt to score.

Monday Night FootbYeah whatever – Seahawks 31, Rams 6.


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