Week 11 Monday Night Football

9-4 Sunday. 98-62.

2013-11-17 16.44.21

Nice late afternoon game in perfect weather at MetLife today. I haven’t sat in the 2nd level before, and being in the last row of the lower sections here meant nobody behind me and a lot less barking. The JPP pick six was worth the price of admission alone, but there were several sideshows worth seeing. I had this 5 year old kid in front of me doing his best Carl impression, kicking the chair in front of him and slamming his own when Green Bay completed those long passes. Every Packers fan that showed up got a “Hey Rodgggeeeeerrrrsss” as they left to beat the traffic.

Monday Night Football

Patriots at Panthers – Oddly enough, even though the Panthers are the up and coming team here, the Patriots are going to be the more interesting team to see here. We know what the Panthers will try to do, pound the ball, rush the passer, and try to physically exhaust the opposition. This is going to be the game that ol’ dink and dunk Brady comes back. Belichick will force Cam to go where he doesn’t want to with the ball to keep it close, and hope that Aaron Dobson and Rob Gronkowski can make enough big plays to be the difference. Patriots 31, Panthers 21.


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