Week 2

alexsmith2-8-1 after week 1 ATS. Let’s climb out of this hole.

Buccaneers (+7) over Cardinals – I think the Cardinals are in real trouble. I love Bruce Arians, but he couldn’t beat a bunch of backups at home, and now he has a basketball team coming into his building. Tampa, while I don’t think they’re making the playoffs, are a team that transcends coaching when they’re on their game with sheer size and athleticism. Sheer size and athleticism tends to beat the shit out of self-doubt, and I can’t imagine Arizona blowing the doors off of this team. Cardinals 30, Buccaneers 27

Chiefs (+1) over Texans – I didn’t buy anything about that Houston win last week. I bought EVERYTHING about that KC comeback as a team-building rhythm- achieving experience. One thing you should know about Andy Reid teams: when they get rolling, they are nearly impossible to stop on offense until January. KC makes a statement today against a team they’ve beaten up a ton in the recent past. Chiefs 33, Texans 17.

Dolphins (+6.5) over Patriots – No Gronk again. Thanks fantasy football! Miami showed you it could beat up on a questionable offensive line on the road last week, and everyone’s jumping all over the Jimmy G bandwagon. Even at their most stereotypical, the Dolphins notoriously give NE more trouble than the other divisional opponents. I think Miami smells that they were close to being legit at Seattle and it carries over here. There’s no mismatch here that warrants this big of a spread. Patriots 20, Dolphins 17.  Take the under here, too.

Jaguars (+3) over Chargers – I’m still 1000% in on the Jags this year. I thought they were one of the five most impressive teams last week. I also don’t think the Chargers have any business being favored over anyone outside of Cleveland without Keenan Allen in a stadium that may not be around 3 years from now. Jags have a big morale edge here, Jaguars 24, Chargers 20.

Packers (-3) over Vikings – This is the lock of the week. You’re putting the single best player in the league on a big shiny new stage against a backup QB who got to town 2 weeks ago and you’re only spotting him 3? EL OH EL. Packers blow out the Vikings hard tonight and FINALLY put a nail in the coffin of this narrative that Minnesota is going to the playoffs with Sam Bradford or Shaun Hill at QB. Please. Packers 38, Vikings 17. 


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