Week 10

4-2-1 since we last spoke

34-27-3 on the year

Patriots (-8) vs. Seahawks – This line cannot be high enough. The Seahawks have been patting themselves on the back for squeaking by Buffalo and defending one of the dirtiest plays I’ve ever seen. Richard Sherman is full of shit, always has been, and has benefited disproportionately from being a receiver playing deep Cover 3 against a sideline. The fall of Nnamdi Asomugha after he left his system in Oakland should have tipped us off to this brand of bullshit, but like many things in America, we’re just not paying enough attention. The Pats are rested, angry, and ready to eat a hobbling Russell Wilson alive. Patriots 38, Seahawks 20.

Panthers (-3) vs. Chiefs – The Chiefs don’t match up with an angry Panthers team at home at ALL. Kansas City won’t be able to space Carolina out if they’re wise to send the hounds early, and with Jonathan Stewart back to grind out the tough yards, KC’s pass rush shouldn’t be much of a factor. Barring a 3 interception meltdown from Cam, Carolina has started to sneak back into the playoff picture. Panthers 24, Chiefs 10.

Texans (+1.5) at Jaguars – Jags are done. Take the points Texans 20, Jaguars 16.

Buccaneers (+2.5) vs Bears – I’m not going to try to explain how a 2-6 team is a road favorite against a 3-5 team. I would be ready to pick against Detroit and Chicago alot ATS, because the public will be looking for one of them to get hot with Minnesota and Green Bay dying to give the division away. Neither team is good enough to do it, and when Green Bay plays the 4 weeks of football necessary to win the division after all this mess, you’ll be glad you didn’t drink the Kool-Aid. Bucs 27, Bears 20.

Redskins (-3) vs. Vikings – I’m riding the Vikings right into the 7th overall pick in next year’s draft. I’m not going to how ridiculous it was all summer that this team got fluff pieces when they were never that good to begin with. Washington has a predictably productive offense that an unstable team like Minnesota won’t be able to keep up with on the road. Don’t be surprised if Ryan Kerrigan has a big game, either. Skins 29, Vikings 17.


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