Fair Warning: My Fantasy Picks for 2015

Welcome to my tenth year blogging on the NFL, and my sixth consecutive final year of playing fantasy football. For the record, I write this column as a service to all of you who play for no other purpose than to bitch about fantasy football and let you all know who to avoid. For the…

Needle Dicks

Let’s set the table with some facts before we get to my opinion on this: 1) This is not a criminal investigation, and thusly every “more probable than not” dumb shit hot take that wants to make itself look informed by simply saying the burden of proof isn’t good enough isn’t looking at the burden of…

The Mock Draft

It seems almost poetic with the change in venue for the NFL draft from New York City to Chicago comes a change in philosophy that will keep many hot-seated GMs sweating bullets. With more eyeballs on the value of certain positions relative to the salary cap, advanced stats ejaculated all over the walls, and more…

Week 11

This is it for a little while.

Week 10

Week 10 picks.

Week 9

Griffin returns from a knee.
Romo plays with a broken back.
Live reminds us rock is dead.
Peyton and Brady begin a 3 year stretch of pretending “this is the last time”

Week 8

Football at 9:30am, and lots of lovely lines.

Week 7

Cruz goes down. Harvin goes cross-country. Steve gets his tie.

Week 6

1-0 in Week 6 Driving to DC tomorrow in a rental car and I still haven’t packed. Let’s not waste time. Andrew Luck is good, J.J. Watt is REALLY good, T. Y. Hilton has his moments (and his real initials aren’t T. Y., did you know that?) Big Brown Anyone billing tomorrow’s contest between the…

The Buddy System

Perhaps the Jets have a plan, but to bungle away the most winnable AFC East in a decade shouldn’t have been a part of it. Colts at Texans, too.